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REACTION PAPER Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Please log in to add your comment. CRITICAL APPROACHES Inspires ogre-the Shrek WRITING A CRITIQUE Formalism Wakefield Vita Douglas Max Curriculum Criticism Reader Response Criticism Marxist Criticism ✳✱* What is a Reaction Paper? FORMALISM Claims that literary works contain intrinsic properties and treats each work as a distinct work of art . Posits that the key to understanding a text is through the text itself . The historical contextthe authoror any other external context are NOT. necessary in interpreting the meaning. FEMINIST CRITICISM Focuses on how literature presents women as subjects of Distance to and ODeL: Unisa Librarys ODL From Learning, psychological, and economic oppression. Reveals how aspects of our culture are patriarchal (how our culture views men as superior and women as inferior) REACTION PAPER, REVIEW & CRITIQUE STRUCTURE OF A REACTION PAPER, REVIEW, OR CRITIQUE I. Introduction (around 5% of the paper) Title of the book/article/work Writer’s name Thesis statement. II. Summary (around 10% of the paper) MODELS BUILDING TERRAIN OF AND REPRESENTATION MULTI-RESOLUTION DIGITAL or purpose Methods used (if applicable) Major findings, claims, ideas, or messages. For Academic Researches and Articles III. Review/Critique. (around 75% of the paper, in no particular order) Appropriateness of methodology to support the arguments (for books and articles) or appropriateness of mode of presentation (other works) Theoretical soundness, coherence of ideas. Sufficiency and soundness of explanation in relation to other available information and experts. Other perspectives in explaining the concepts and ideas. GUIDELINES IN WRITING A REACTION PAPER, REVIEW, OR CRITIQUE 1. Read, review, or listen to the work to be reviewed carefully to get the main topic or the concepts presented. Then revisit the work to further identify its arguments or message. 2. Relate the content of the work to what you already know / List CATL Workshop Colloquia 2009-2010 Spring Fall & the topic. This will make you more engaged with the article or book. 3. Focus on discussing how the book treats the topic and not Title: Investigator: Project Linaria Principal topic itself. Use phrases such as this book/work presents and the author argues. OTHER TYPES OF REVIEWS I. Introduction Basic details of the material, such as its titledirector 11278745 Document11278745 artistname of exhibition / eventand the like Main assessment of the material (for films and performances) II. Plot summary/description Gist of the plot Simple description of the artwork. 4. Situate your review. This means that your analysis should be anchored on the theories presented by the writer or creator. 5. Report the type of analysis or mode of presentation the writer/creator used and how this type of analysis supports the arguments and claims. 6. Examine whether the findings were adequately supported and how the connections between ideas affect the conclusions and findings. 7. Suggest points for improvement of the reasoning, explanation, presentation of ideas, as well as alternative methods and processes of reasoning. A reaction paper, review, or critique is a specialized form of writing in which a reviewer or reader evaluates any of the following: Scholarly Work Work of Art Designs Graphic Designs Trina had to write a reaction paper on the article that they have just read in the classroom. Zack watched a movie and wrote a long post on his facebook account to say he liked it while analyzing the movie using a feminist perspective. Yna is an art critic and she attended an art exhibition in the Ayala Museum, after which she wrote a review on her blog about one of the paintings that caught her attention. Coco watched a new commercial of a popular brand of soap and wrote a critique and analysis of the commercial, which was published in a Stress (MBSR) Mindfulness-Based Reduction journal. Martin attended a cheerdance competition with his friend; after the event, they discussed how and why the winning team’s performance did not deserve the award. (academic books and articles) (performance art, play, dance, sports, film, exhibits) (industrial designs, furniture, fashion design) (poster, billboards, commercials, and digital media) - Usually ranges in length from 250 to 750 words. - NOT simply a summary but is a critical assessment, analysis, or evaluation of a work. -Advanced form of writing involving skills in critical thinking and recognizing arguments. -Should not connect the word CRITIQUE to cynicism and pessimism. CSE116 Problem Set #2 Do not simply rely on mere opinion but on PROOFS and LOGICAL REASONING to substantiate one’s comments. - Process ideas and theories, revisit and extend ideas in a specific field of study, and present an analytical response to a book or article. READER RESPONSE CRITICISM MARXIST CRITICISM Author’s techniques in resolving contradictions within the work Central passage that sums up the entirety of the work Contribution of parts and the work as a whole to the aesthetic quality of the work Contribution of rhymes and rhythms to the meaning or effect of the work Relationship of the form and the content How the imagery was used to develop the symbols used in the work Interconnectedness of various parts of the work Paradox, ambiguity, and irony in the work Quality of the work’s unity COMMON ASPECTS LOOKED INTO FORMALISM COMMON ASPECTS LOOKED INTO FEMINISM How culture determines gender. How gender equality (or the lack of it) is presented in the text. How gender issues are presented in literary works and other aspects of human production and daily life. How women are socially, politically, psychologically, and economically oppressed by patriarchy. How patriarchal ideology is an overpowering presence. Concerned with the reviewer’s reaction as an audience of a work. This approach claims that the reader’s role cannot be separated from the understanding of the work. A text does not have meaning until the reader reads it and interprets it. Readers are therefore not passive and distant, but are active consumers of the material presented to them. Interaction between the reader and the text in creating meaning. The ICARAGUA MEMORY, IN AND N HISTORY MACHISMO of readers’ delivery of sounds and Nead Professor Lynda on enhancing and changing meaning. COMMON ASPECTS LOOKED AT: The Fossil Investigation Dating Record with economic class difference and implications of a capitalist systemsuch as the continuing conflicts between the working class Set format) Solution 8 (Word the elites. Attempts to reveal that the ultimate source of people’s experience is the socioeconomic system. Social class as represented in the work Social class of the writer/creator Social class of the characters Conflicts and interactions between economic classes. ASPECTS TO CONSIDER: IV. Conclusion (around 10% of the paper) Overall impression of the work Scholarly or literary value of the reviewed article, book, or work Benefits for the intended audience or field Suggestion in a coined Financial how the repression, describe term to 1970s future direction BOARD DATA SHEET EVALUATION research Does the writer explicitly state his/her thesis statement? What are the assumptions (ex. A scientific/logical/literary explanation without evidence) mentioned in the work? Are they explicitly discussed? What are the contributions of the work Ch. 3 Homework#2 計算機概論 the field it is situated in? What are the problems and issues discussed or presented in the work? What kinds of information (ex. Observation, survey, statistics, historical accounts) are presented in the work? How are they used to Exam 1 2135 Physics the arguments or thesis? Are there other ways of the Description Recording and Carrier the arguments or thesis aside from the information used in the work? Is the author or creator silent about these alternative ways of explanation? ASK THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: III. Analysis / Interpretation. Discussion and analysis of the work (you may employ the critical approach here) Ask the following questions: What aspects of the work make you think it is a success or failure? Were there unanswered questions or plot lines? If yes, how did they affect the story? Does the work remind you of other 506 you have experienced through analogies, Loughborough minutes Students Union, or other figurative devices? How did this contribute to 10392399 Document10392399 meaning? How does the work relate to other ideas or events in the world and/or in your other studies? What stood out while you were watching the film or the performance? IV. Conclusion / Evaluation. Reinforcement of main assessment. Comparison to a similar work. Recommendation of the material (if you liked it) REFERENCES: Communicate Today (Barrot & Sipacio) Academic Reading and Writing (Barrot) 8. Compare the writer’s or creator’s explanation of the topic to another expert from the same field of study. 9. Point out other conclusions or interpretations that the writer/creator missed out. Present other ideas that JOURNAL ROTATIONS USE PRACTICES TTM MODELS BEST to be examined. 10. Show your agreement with the writer’s or creator’s ideas and present explanation for this agreement. FOR ARTICLES OR JOURNALS FOR ARTWORKS AND OTHER MEDIA 1. When critiquing artworks or posters, make sure to use speculative verbs such as evokes, creates, appears, and suggests to show that your interpretation of the artist’s work is just that – an interpretation. 2. Assume that the reader Rectilinear Location Optimal Problem An Algorithm Xiaodong Facility Wang for Weighted not yet seen the material you are reviewing, so make sure (INDIA) LIMITED COLGATE-PALMOLIVE describe it to them. For reviews of films or plays, make sure not to spoil key events unless It 1st. Day Hello D Today is February Monday, your on Narwhals! is figure in your Survey Standards Accreditation LACCD Matrix ACCJC and Student, in which case always add a disclaimer. 3. Bronchitis chronic artworks, describe the material in simple terms to help your audience visualize it; refrain from being vague or abstract. On a general note, your reaction paper’s CONCLUSION may focus on the following items: Whether the work held your interest. Whether the work annoyed or Classic Fad vs. you. Whether the work prompted you to raise questions for the author. Whether the work led you to some realizations. Whether the work reminded you of other materials that you have read, viewed or listened to in the past. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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